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This is the most fun of learning 2019 motion simulation game.

Safely and without difficulty to the task? Play business simulation. These apps can improve your skills without the drama out of the thing itself. You can keep an amusement park, a development company or you can start the game in the country. Here are the best games of the 2019 motion simulation.

Source: Life youtubers

In the past, managing YouTube channels are not considered a business, but it’s hard to say in a 2019 youtubers Life will put you in a little skin on YouTube just trying to make sure the chain of working with some of the big chains. . YouTube as it were, the true thoughts of the users, the more viewers, and by the birth of the subscribers and to arouse thoughts of peace or war to create the videos, that sealed the birth, and to expand, through the channel. Along with creating a presence on social networks, you need to manage social life, education and, ultimately, the employees.

It is for the player, a video game of life is the youtubers 2016. It can be accessed by users with the Microsoft Windows, and the abundance of that which hath been bought for, OS 10, Android OS, Linux, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Video.

Energy in the Economy


Source: Virtunomie

Virtonomics, for purposes of simulation and training business groups a series of multiplayer games – at Virtonomics entrepreneur, Virtonomics Virtonomics and Business war games. Virtonomics which is not done in a series of predefined rules for winning or losing, so the game never ends. Users choose their own objectives, as it was by the game, the most common is to build a successful campaign in the end of the competition. Players can work in many industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, finance, marketing, and other matters of knowledge is contained in the question.

There is a huge Virtonomics multiplayer game released in 2006. It is available in different languages ​​and to create a system can be played online.

The two-point hospital

Source: Hospital Point Two

Playing two hospital that does not like to stay in hospital administrator. Build and maintain the house faces the disease, and they immediately will improve your hospital staff. In addition to the hospital building and planning, patient improve the happiness and do not need to find new remedies for the disease.

For if ye shew the dream, do not want to make people feel that they do not go to the hospital to be up and running to go to a doctor, medical school is, try it with two of their hospitality.

Two-Point Hospital is a successor to the popular simulation game Theme Hospital and launched in 2018. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

4 Tropic


Pinagmulan: Tropico 4

Tropico 4 is the most advanced in the tropic simulation game series eight. The game combines the city and political leaders, your mission is to create the perfect many places in the islands. During the game, you need to learn how to deal with crime you will find the name of the people so that you can finally recover. Combines the moisture of the plunder of the genius of the war were ill to the 10 20 perfect another.

Tropico 4 game player was released in 2011, which can be purchased steam is used for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and OS 10

transport fever


Pinagmulan: Transport fever

Another solution is to the formation of fever and fever fills harbors and airports allows it to be true for the traffic mogul rails. In 1850 the game starts you in time and build your own carriage. Your goal is to be assimilated into the facility and between sites.

You also need to choose the most advantageous time to switch to a new vehicles and vehicles. You can campaign in the United States and Europe, based on their historical missions and present the results. Duke Robot


Source: Roller Coaster

Part of the Happy Amusement Park series, Duke Thong Khon takes you on an adventure of building and managing an amusement park. As part of the management team, you are responsible for creating and relocating your own boat area and exciting rides. Make the best part of your theme with mobile attractions of different types of beaches and parks.

Duke Thong Khon was first released in 1999. It’s on sale on Steam and is playable on Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

growing industry


Origin: Emerging Industry

Have you ever wondered what life was like at the end of the 20th century? Mentioning the rise of industry became an industrialist at the beginning of the 20th century. Create and control new realms during the game. Build factories, manage networks, secure large items, find and trade brands.

Rise of Industry was released in 2018, is available on Steam, and is playable on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Macintosh.

motorsport manager

The motorsport manager will pick you up from the back of the bike and put you in the driver’s seat. In this simulation game, the team leader is responsible for placing the drivers on the platform. You can immediately see that, as in the case of entrepreneurs, there is more behind the scenes than you think. The first part of the game consists of tutorials that make it easy so you don’t have to sit down. There is plenty of content for all levels, from small details like auto parts and racing decisions to big tasks like team building and voting on sports rules and regulations.

Motorsport Manager is a gaming game released in 2014. It is available for various platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux and macOS.

mechanical key


Source: Masinki

If you like transportation and trains, you can visit Masinki. Build your logistics business on the map, promote your empire management process and leverage your strengths. I started playing with my shipping company. During the game you will be able to open roads in difficult terrain, buy new cars, check roads and earn as much money as possible.

The full version of the game will only be released at the end of 2019, but you will be able to play the game in access mode once the game starts. Currently available for Microsoft Windows.

work experience


Source: Experimental work

A game title that contains business simulations is just a simulation job. Unlike most business owners who exercise leadership, this makes your job as clerks, managers, mechanics and clerks easier. The game was created in 2050 and since robots replaced synthetic materials, people wanted to switch to “simulation jobs” and see what the jobs were like. The game is a fun review of the work of all the office workers, two keyboards, a giant candlestick, Roman candles for customers, a chef washing food, and a mechanic spraying bananas on the fireplace to help the car. polluted emissions. test.

Job Simulation was released in 2016 and is available for all three existing platforms in virtual reality. Available for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

A game developer’s story


Source: Game Developer Stories

Winning video games is a dream come true for many, but if you’re not ready to deal with a career change, try Game Dev Story. The game runs a small game studio with big goals. Developers with dozens of employees want to sell millions of games or build their own game consoles. The game has simple 16-bit graphics, but the game is deep and responsible for everything from business building to advertising and merging.


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