Most money-spinning Small Business ideas in France 2021 by uvebana

Business ideas

1. Travels and Tours Business

Paris is a world famous tourist destination. And many tourists are attracted to the Eiffel Tower.  You should consider starting your own tourism and tourism business in France. You can choose to enter the industry as a major or minor player. To become a key player, your company will be able to handle all the logistics related to tourism. But if you don’t have the money, you can enter the industry as a leader and translator. Especially, if you can speak more than one foreign language. I like English and Spanish.(Business ideas)

2. Gifts shop / African culture(Business ideas)

African souvenir shops are another fantastic and highly lucrative business that anyone can start in any city in France because of the large number of enthusiastic and proud people of African descent. If you know that you can start a chain where you can buy gifts from different African cultures, you should consider starting this type of business in France. And you will definitely get a high level of protection.

3. Insurance brokers(Business ideas)

Insurance brokers

If you are a licensed insurance broker living in France, you may want to consider setting up your own insurance brokerage company. The point is, the insurance brokerage business is a lucrative business and the industry is always able to get new players, even though it is strictly regulated and requires a license to set up an insurance brokerage company.

4. Taxi Driver

If you live in Paris or a big city, I am looking for a good way to make money in France and consider starting your own taxi company. To get started, all you need to do is register with the local government. So get a taxi business license and license to drive your own taxi. The truth is that if your taxi company is organized. You can add a taxi to a taxi covering most of your city.

5. Owner of the truck(Business ideas)

Another successful and profitable business that everyone owns is a business that owns it in France and is easy to start. It is true that many companies and even individuals move goods from one part of the country to another. And pay for the contract with the owner of the shipping company.
To start a business of this type, you simply need to enroll in a commercial truck driving course. Get a commercial driver’s license (CDL), buy a reliable truck. Then welding for transportation.

6. Shops, restaurants and bars (Business ideas)

restaurants and bars

Another popular but lucrative business in France are restaurants and bars. Paris, Monaco, Lille, Nantes, Saint If you are looking to start a business any other French city, you should consider starting your own catering business. You can choose to serve local or international food or both at your restaurant. And you always get a return on your investment. Make sure your restaurant and bar are well stocked and tailor your menu to the needs of the community in which you live.

7. Owner of Real Estate Agency

The real estate sector in France is huge. And it’s always open to investors, so you can train to become a real estate agent and start your own real estate agent.

8. Domestic business

France is one of the best in world central drawing. Some of the best jewelry and designs you will ever see. Many came from France or Italy. If you are interested in this industry, you can get training and start your own interior design business.

9. Jewelry and accessories store.

If you have money and are looking for a new job in France. You should consider opening your own jewelry and accessories stores in different cities.

10. Write articles

Every year thousands of websites search for interesting content. When you have a title you think you can write well. If anyone is looking for your skills, try the writing and translation section of to get started. To my knowledge, there are other sites as well. Many people associate authors with people who do research on articles.

11. Translator

If you speak two languages, you still need an interpreter. Website hosts usually want to speak another language but lack the skills required. Email them and suggest what you can do.

12. Clean the windows.

Unlike the UK, no one in France comes to us and offers to wash the windows. If so, then you can say yes at a reasonable price. Essential vans and stairs!

13. Photography

Now you can sell photos online without intermediaries. Receive 1% of the sale price for each photo sold. You’ll need a good camera, a tripod, and a copy of Adobe Photoshop or similar software. Images are sold at a relatively low price. The trick is to take and upload a lot of high quality images in the most popular categories.

  1. Buy and sell on eBay

I never did that myself. But I know at least three people who make a lot of money from stores, usually sales, charity stores, or black stores, and then sell more or less the same on eBay.  It is located in France and is considered their main activity. Branded products are without a doubt the best-selling books.

  1. Home Video Studio.

Do you like to play with the camera? If necessary, you can use these skills to generate a steady income at home. Provide online business content. Work with Home Video Studio and access the tools and techniques you need. You can turn this business into 27 revenue centers from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Quick Home Application Assistant

The specify for mobile application has in no way be better. Instant app developers help sell web apps to local businesses. Get the training and tools you need to get started.

  1. Online job store

Have you always dreamed of opening your own online store? The online job shop is the best job for you. There are many growing online stores in France. You can take the train from the train driver.

  1. Cell Routes of French

Cell phones are everywhere. Buy her accessories. French cell phones give you extra space. Install the packaging at your nearest grocery store and count your money. This is a very profitable business that you can start whenever you want and make a lot of money.

19. Perks Nearby

Your local business needs loyalty programs and the ability to offer coupons and purchases. You can introduce this special marketing tool to your local business.

20. Restoration work in the cemetery.

Many people like to walk in the old cemetery. The tragedy is the number of destroyed monuments. The family has a business person who knows how to keep business goods clean. A cemetery restoration expert will show you how to restore old cemeteries. Decorating and protecting graves


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