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Body Shapes

Beautiful shape in any relationship, bone structure, fat distribution, age, pregnancy, genetic diversity and hormone mix determine your shape. This article takes a closer look at the various shapes of the female body and offers style tips to help you.

Female figure

Research has confirmed that there are five types of female body shapes, the others being a combination of two or a combination of five. Many blogs also use this term. Types of shapes and forms can be used interchangeably. Read on to discover the different shapes and types of shapes.

Understand what you have flat shape.

You know you have a flat body. If you are the same size all over your body, this doll is called a puppet. Also called a rectangular object or ruler. because there is no clear life. Therefore, the body tends to look straight.
A corset or polka dot dress will look great on you. They don’t fit the shape of your body. but also highlight your features.

A beautiful and elegant belt with a sheath dress will look very beautiful.

This will help you create an elegant and sexy hourglass silhouette. Use bright colors and experiment with different combinations and pieces.
Don’t wear clothes that show your life. Avoid wearing tight, shapeless clothing.


If you have large hips and small breasts, you will end up with a pear shape or a triangular shape. You have wide hips and your waist will look good if you dress correctly.

What to dress

 Body Shapes

Wear a blouse with a round neckline and a wide neckline. This way your shoulders will look wider. Wear beautiful bracelets and accessories to embellish your appearance. Also wear a push-up bra or padded bra to balance your upper and lower body.

In the shape of an apple

You know you have an apple-shaped physique if your breasts are larger than your hips. indefinite waist, rounded shoulders, small hips, slender legs and arms. You tend to weigh your upper body higher than others.
Wear a soft cloth, a trapeze dress, a shirt knotted under the chest. shirt under shirt to cover the thighs Suitable dress, V-neck, top of the seams and neckline.

Add definition to the center of the body.

A dress that follows a beaded line that reaches the chest and not below or above the chest; short dresses, dresses with dark sides and light colors. Open shoulder jacket, summer jacket, denim coat, open jeans, wide skirt jeans, back pocket jeans Refine your hips, low waist, define your waist by wearing high waist ed shorts, high heels, slippers, lining and wedges.

Avoid tight, rough, shapeless, baggy clothes, tight skirts, jeans or trousers or trousers with few details at the waist to avoid drawing attention to your waist. boat necks, handlebars, jeans, shoes, high heels, wide collars and belts.

In the shape of a Appreciation.

The spoon or pear shape has hips that are larger than the rest of the body, giving you a pleasing figure, such as size 8. The manipulation of love is its biggest problem and it tends to easily add weight around the hips and arms.

Choose a dress that is light in the top to show the legs, but darker in the middle, a straight bottom, straps below, a wide neck, a short skirt, and shorts. The top is embellished or embossed to add volume. A-line skirts, jeans or shorts, midi jeans, over sized jackets, earrings and necklaces, shoulder-length jackets, dresses and pastel colors, fitted dresses at the waist, pockets at the hips, point-to-point flats. Suffering from ballet and ballet
Leg pants or jeans. The shirt should be below the chest. Short-sleeved crew-neck tank top that sinks in tight or fits snugly. Off-the-shoulder shirts with loose-fitting stripes around the middle. Shorts or skirts under the thighs, round-toe boots with lace-up heels and stiletto heels.

The waist and chest lines are balanced and the waistline is visible.

Your hips are naturally round and your body is usually well proportioned. Your shoulders should be slightly rounded which makes your back nice. The two men hit the upper body.
Stretch your waist and wear clothes that show your perfect curve. Wear a loose-fitting belt over your shirt or dress. Coats & Skirts Corrugated Dresses Skirts Crinkle Shirts Matching Jackets Shirts or dresses with scents around the waist Body con or 3/4″ skirts Skirts, side or back slits, socks, shoes, belts, and sandals. High heels, pointed feet, and a pendant fall on her stomach.

Avoid bare, loose-fitting, and well-fitting underwear.

inverted triangle
You have small shoulders and buttocks and slender legs, even if your back is not flat. But your upper body should be thick and thick to keep it away from the waist.
Raffle Collar, Basketball Top, Back Pocket Jeans With Diagonal Stripes Plaid Low Waist Jeans

Beautiful shape.

 Body Shapes

If your body is oval, your chest will be wider than the rest of your body, your hips will be narrower, and your middle will appear fuller. Women with this shape present a belly more than anything else. The waist was very loose and became the largest part of the body. The back was straight and the legs were slender.

Diamond shape

If you have a diamond shape, wide foreheads, and your torso is very short and meets your shoulders. Your whole body looks like an oval. You usually have flowers and an unmarked back line. There is some weight on the leg. Your arms are also thin and in good shape. The shin is perfectly shaped and looks the best part of your body.


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