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Air conditioning


In this modern world, air conditioners play an important role in all areas such as businesses, factories, industries, offices, businesses, and even in the home. That doesn’t mean the world won’t survive without air conditioning. But to live a comfortable and demanding life, we need air conditioning.

In this modern world.

The use of this device is sometimes mandatory in order to simplify the process and make a profit. For example, in the field of an export company (such as agricultural products which include fruits, fresh vegetables, dried fruits, etc.) they must need the presence of AC to keep their goods safe until they reach their destination.

Now most of the upper class people prefer air travel and a first tier AC coach.

It is inevitable. In such cases, air conditioning plays a crucial role in luxury transportation. Air conditioning

is already

being used

in metro buses in

developing countries as well.

In corporations and multinational corporations the work chamber should



with a suitable air-conditioning system

that helps employees work in a quiet environment

and helps them perform better than

they can actually do in front of

this air-conditioned facility.

This situation also applies in banks

where employees do their jobs with money

that makes them boring and exhausted.

Air conditioning

The employees of air-conditioned banks would never have this problem.

In short,

the purpose of using

this device is to improve

work efficiency

without fatigue

and get more power

than we expected.

To make the job interesting and easier,

you need a calm environment with a relaxed mood.

It can be

achieved in many ways

and depends on several factors.

The important factors such as water supply,

ventilation and sanitation, etc. Among them,

the most important need is an air supply

that can be achieved

by an air conditioner.

The air conditioning system regenerates

the heat present in

the room and converts it into waste water

which is discharged through the appropriate ducts.

The air conditioning system also provides cool air,

which in turn converts

the room temperature into cool temperature.

The range of the conversion (let’s say in Celsius) is user-dependent.



this electronic device plays a crucial role in a modern world; it has a great negative impact on the earth.


it is not environmentally friendly,

it can be user-friendly.

Since it creates an undesirable gas like CFCs,

it creates a hole in the ozone layer.

It is a major threat to the environment.

The holes created by CFCs are dangerous and allow unfiltered UV rays to pass through, which are very harmful to humans and all types of living beings. The consequences of this incident can lead to the occurrence of cancer and aging in humans

The other main source of CFCs is the refrigerator.

It is not meant that

all scientific inventions have an adverse effect.

Some inventions are both user-friendly

environmentally friendly.


some advanced changes should be made in

the production of air conditioners and refrigerators to prevent unwanted gases

such as CFCs from being produced.

While not entirely possible,

at least some

standards should be

met to minimize the impact.

Some types of people are allergic to air conditioners,

which can lead to serious breathing problems,

skin allergies, etc.

It can also have an adverse

effect in a work environment,

such as B. the use of

air conditioning can cause drowsiness and other problems in some people.

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