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Air conditioning

As you know: there are eight main types of Air conditioning on the market.


Type for a specific area. 

that is responsible for achieving a specific goal.

1. Centralized air conditioning.
2. Air conditioning with separate ducts.
3. Glass cutter
4. Portable Air conditioning.
5. Floor air conditioning.

  1. Centralized air conditioning.

If you have a large area or want to cool several rooms at the same time, you should use a central air conditioning system. This type of AC will definitely satisfy you. This Air conditioning works with a distribution system that controls the air through the ducts installed in your home.

This system is

also known.

as pipeline system.

Enables the fragmentation system to share two basic volumes. The first is the outdoor unit in the condenser and in the compressor. The second is the indoor unit, which has a vapor coil and an air handling unit. The central AC system also uses a refrigerant to remove heat from the room air.

And cold air is

directed through

the air ducts of the machine.

For the best experience,

the latest HVAC technology

and programmable thermostat

your central air conditioning system.

Air conditioning

Benefits of Central AC System At the same time, cool the entire area connected to the pipeline and create a cool, controlled environment relatively quickly.
Cold air circulation reduces moisture exposure. Make the general atmosphere more pleasant
Lack of central air conditioning
It uses a lot of energy, which makes it more expensive
If there is a technical problem with

the air conditioning ducts,

the efficiency

The outdoor unit is not attractive.

  1. AC with separate ducts.

If you want to stay away from airways but still want better cooling. Choosing a small split Air conditioning is your best option. Ductless duct system is a good choice, especially for apartments or modern buildings. This type of Air conditioning consists of a compressor and a condenser with at least one indoor unit.
on the wall and equipped with fans.

The connection


the indoor and outdoor

by pipes through

which the refrigerator circulates differently depending on the application.

used to install conventional heating

systems or cooling devices.

This type of Air conditioning

very efficient in terms

of energy consumption.

Compared to some AC which can be expensive. If you plan to install air conditioning in every area to cover the whole house. The modular channel equipped mini box with intelligent AC controller is provided with remote control. That means you can control it from your phone.

Advantages of Ductless Money Split AC

The temperature can be set individually.

Lack of mini split AC. anxious

* Small area dividers are not enough to cool a large area.

* in A large number of indoor units

are mounted on the wall.

  1. Glass cutter

Window AC

units are available in different sizes

and can be adapted to

the needs and size of your room.

Large windows like air conditioning

and less interconnected rooms.

The reason air conditioning is

preferred in windows is because

of their greater cooling capacity.

Therefore, it is considered a general trimmer.

The window AC

consists of a complete unit with all components.

It draws outside heat from the fan

at the front of the house and blows cold air.

The name clearly indicates that

they are built into

the windows or have holes in the walls.

This air conditioner contains

a filter slide that can be cleaned regularly

to optimize the flow of electricity.

It has been found that this type of

air conditioner

can be operated remotely.

Benefits of Window AC

Efficient and economical work
easy installation
it does not occupy the space area
Missing window air conditioning
Quiet operation during use, and clearly visible from the outside.
Block your view from the windows and go near suitable electrical outlets.
To install a window AC in Windows, the window must be in a normal state. Normally shaped windows cannot accommodate this Air conditioning.

  1. Portable air conditioner

Air conditioning

Portable air conditioners are similar to other types of air conditioners same as window Air conditioning. The difference is that it saves space and is easy to move as it is a single system that includes all of the components. All he needed was electricity to get into the ventilation and drainage windows.

This portable AC

Can be used when there is no temporary space

or no air conditioner with installed

windows or ducts.

There are different models

that are used in the home or in the bathroom.

This portable AC is a one-way fan that pushes the air out of the room.

This will evaporate the thick moisture that has accumulated in the machine.
Advantages of alternating current.

easy to install
mobile zone
This alternating

current does not have

to be installed all the time.
Stains are one of the most effective

cold dye options.

  1. Floor AC

It’s designed to be useful

something like a small air-conditioned

the space needed for a wall-mounted device.

This type of AC indoor unit is grounded.

The external zone ,

can be


without a diagram.

These AC nodes are suitable for sloping walls

If you slide the outer wall to the height of the wall mounting by drilling a small hole in the floor

the floor height

can be

increased to 6-cm.

The advantage of this alternating current is that it makes it easier to check the air filter. A suitable air filter is easily available for people with breathing problems or for those who want to save indoor air.

as clean as possible


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